The Bad Explanation Episode

Another confused mess is available at this link.

The show has been spread thin since our last episode.  This time, like so many other times, it’s completely my fault.  I’ve been sick from a kind of horrifying something that I ate near the beginning of the week, and that put me right out of the mood to record a show or to play a game, or even to sit up straight and eat a food or two.  I had only just recovered my senses by the time of this session, and I’m sure that’s going to be clear.

Even if everyone’s physical and mental well-being had been at a healthy level, it’s unlikely we would have done any better discussing Noby Noby Boy.  Clearly this is not the sort of thing that should be discussed without a hookah in the room, or – more realistically – without everyone present having played the game.  Maybe we worked a bit too hard to pick up what Scott was putting down (to no avail), but Jeremy and I both found as much funny in the trying as we would have in the understanding.

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