The Two Blades Episode

Disturbing innuendo involving edged weapons can be found at this link.

By far the most electrifying news for the cast this week was the proper announcement of Assassin’s Creed 2, complete with all its bona fides and with enough preview information to keep us in thrall until the moment of release, or at the very least until the Electronic Entertainment Extravaganza force-feeds us all the media we can stand.  And by far the most disturbing image is of where UbiSoft might situate the inevitable “third blade” for the protagonist of AC3.

Show favorite topics “MMOs” and “digital delivery” feature heavily again near the end of our time, and in skimming the episode before posting it occurred to me that beside the point of certain ideas being timely or important, we have a tendency to abuse our favorite subjects and wail our opinions like they’re some kind of prayer or plea.  It’s as if talking about what we love most or what we’d most love to see in our future could bring it to pass that much sooner, or could deliver it to us when there’s no hope of it being real.

There’s certainly no shame in wanting it, but there’s sometimes an awful lot to be found in sharing it to no good end.  I can’t speak for others, but the reasons for my own love affair with the MMO are made pretty clear here, and I could swear that I’d never talk about it again if only each of my friends in the world would play what I wanted them to.

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