The Rush Hour Episode

New episode now available at this link.

We’re in an awful hurry this evening, and we’ve contracted our usual schedule in an effort to flee the studio as soon as possible.  Minutes before our recording began we learned we had access to an NDA-restricted beta gameplay session, and that the session in question would expire in short order.  We’re nothing if not childish idiots where sneak-peaks are concerned, so we’ve opted for the John Moschitta school of podcast delivery.  (Not really)

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I think that perhaps you are missing something in regards to Brutal Legend. While I also wretched when I heard that Jack Black was voicing the lead, I instantly got over it once I realized what this game was:

It’s an open-world game starring HEAVY F-N METAL and a key ingredient to being metal is being over-the-top ridiculous which would fall exactly inline with Tim’s cheesy “Rocktober!” blip.

Brutal Legend looks like it will just ooze that Metalocalypse/Spinal Tap style of self-deprecating humor which tears down all things Metal while it immortalizes them.

Jack Black is the best worst fit. It’s like Dio in your Sabbath.

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