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The Pork Is Meat Episode

Decide for yourself what we really meant by visiting this link.

We begin this evening with the not-unfamiliar sound of a last minute interview at IGC; in this case with Josh Bear, President and CCO of Twisted Pixel, purveyors of The Maw and ‘Splosion Man, TP’s newest brand of XBox Live genius, and one which involves meat to hilarious effect.

These are typically the sorts of things Scott knows to be a possibility ahead of time, but which only appear as a fact a few moments before we walk in the door.  For this reason, he’s often the only one prepared with any sort of material, and why one or more of us is left in the lobby cramming on news.  Yes, or talking about Warcraft.

As for everything else, it’s surprising how easy it can be to stretch a thin blanket of news across several hours of programming.  It’s no trouble at all, in fact, when the twitter-mailing-posting subset of our listener base is so astute.  Keep the information stream active, folks.  There’s no telling what we’d resort to without you.

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