The Molecular Laser Episode

Keep an eye out for green beams at the following link.

It’s not unusual for us to swap war stories of all kinds in the studio; stories that will always include a detailed account of how deft we are with some variety of deadly weapon, skill, or super-power.  It’s quite another thing to pass actual deadly weapons from host to host while the mics are hot.  While the details of the assault rifle in question are accurate down to the finest details as rendered in any modern war game you care to mention, it may as well have been a plate of lutefisk for all we knew what to do with it.  Except for Scott, that is.  He can turn on the layzer!

Now that there are no more games coming out this fall, we can talk about PC stuff.  (And machine guns)  Jeremy’s need to tinker with hardware has never really waned, but he’s kept himself limited to Millennium Falcon-esque multimedia living-room rigs for years, and has denied himself the pleasure of doing God’s real work of putting together a game machine.  He has corrected this now to some degree, and there’s a real chance further change may come in the future.  Now, Scott, Arjay….what’s the state of your hardware again?

Also, ‘splode ‘splode ‘splode.  ‘Splode!  ‘Splode, ‘splode.

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