The Bifurcated Episode

We’re of two minds in this week’s episode.  Decide which is our right one at the following link.

In terms of content, this episode may seem a little behind the moment.  You might also notice an ebb in our pace where you’d normally expect the flow.  This recording took place immediately after our time with Naughty Dog – which was a lengthy piece, and intense.  This is the reason we chose to bring the interview to a close so soon, and the interview was the reason for this late posting – we thought it best to give each room to breathe.  We had planned to revisit Uncharted 2 here, but that seemed unnecessary somehow.

I was unusually excited for our PC-dedicated friends last week, so much of the news being relevant to them, and there being so many reasons to own a good computer right now.  Hell, Torchlight alone may be enough to justify the existence of the Windows platform. But I think we’d be lucky if the powerful good done by Runic balances even a portion of the shameless con being delivered in Modern Warfare 2.  I’m not sure who’s to blame for that, and I honestly can’t remember having been so angry, but I hope we made it worth your time to find out why.

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