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The Naughty Dog Episode

The most recent in our series of interviews with people who are too good for us is available here.

The show counts itself among the very lucky this week, as Amy Hennig and Neil Druckmann (profoundly well-behaved Dogs, both) have agreed to share a generous portion of their vacation time discussing the development and reception of Uncharted 2, as well as answering the many questions presented by our audience.

The powerful affection for the Uncharted series is evident in its sales figures, its review scores and the forum discussions of its player-base, and Naughty Dog are deserving of all the praise they’ve received.  Their success in this medium is the result of a first-class work ethic and attention to detail, and in no small part to a practical genius they’d likely never admit.

We’d like to thank Amy and Neil once again for enduring our praise, and for soliciting the unusual discussion you’ll hear on the back half of this interview.  Enjoy.

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