The Fishbang Taco Episode

You can avoid the food prattle at the top of this show if you like, since there’s not much in it for the clean-living.

I may act like all sorts of snob from time to time – an English snob, a beer snob, a computer and video-games snob – but despite the guidance of a dedicated and patient foodie-girlfriend, I’ve never been able to develop myself as a food snob.  I wish like hell I had a palette that could distinguish paprika from allspice or some shit, but I’m the kind of person who sometimes mistakes pork for chicken.  So, given my ‘druthers, I’d just as soon have a pair of hot dogs wrapped in a dollar pizza.  Of course, I’d wash it all down with an artisan brew.

Somehow, Arjay had the balls to go and get his PS3 fixed in a way that makes no sense to the rest of us.  Hair dryers were involved somehow, and for reasons we couldn’t come to terms with, it worked.  We were hoping to wring some great drama out of him during what we were sure would be a difficult time.  We were also hoping he’d be motivated to buy that 360 we’ve been pressuring him into.  But Arjay has no patience for drama, and now, a week later, it’s as if nothing ever happened.  I suppose we’re gonna have to break his shit for real.

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