The Pointless Crank Episode

Insert the pointless crank into the useless receptacle at the following link.

We’ve done more work than usual in preparing for this show, and more work as well inside the studio itself.  We’re short by two this week (Dennis was immune to the schedule change, and Jeremy is pacing the floor in a smoke-filled waiting room somewhere, handing out blue-banded cigars and getting back-slaps from other befuddled fathers-to-be), which means a lot more effort out of each of us, and none of our simple, gossipy handoffs for when we get tired.  We expected the result to be short, but the two-and-a-half-hour standard remains in place.

What we’ve played is our greatest concern, since we’re taking to heart all recent suggestions that we should move a little outside our comfort zone.  It’s not easy, or natural, but we’d rather not ignore the gap in coverage, so bear with the pace of change if you can.  We’ve also provided supportive remarks on what may prove to be unsupportable causes.  The PSP Go! and Randy Pitchford were clearly the devils most in need of advocates this week, and we’ve spent loads of time on the losing side of arguments, so we figured ourselves to be a natural fit.

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