The Burning Hand Episode

We wanted to breathe smoke at the following link.

It’s a big round of musical assholes at the jump-off tonight; 3 of the 4 hosts arguing over which of us is the perennial asshole and which is just filling in.  I like to think I’m on the job full-time, but Scott makes a dash for the title, and I may have to concede the race.  Which is fine, of course.  Better that than to be at a loss for words.

There’s truly too much to be said about Modern Warfare 2.  I don’t know all the words a person would need to express himself fully after finishing this campaign, and light-stepping around the spoilers hasn’t made things any easier.  I’m pretty sure the game was just too awesome to be good, and I hope my fellows can lay down some of their own opinions when they finish it themselves.  Or IF they finish it…

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