The Precariously Balanced Episode

We aspire to feature parity at the following link.

Any ground Infinity Ward stood to lose to the enthusiast and idealist backlash in recent weeks has probably reached its maximum.  Modern Warfare 2 is alive and thrashing at retail, and there’s nothing left now but to count the player numbers online.  We may be acknowledged members of the disgruntled minority, and we’ve certainly never had trouble nursing a grudge, but we’d like to examine the game now on its own merits, without harboring any sort of rebuke for the men behind the scenes.  We make a last pass at discussing the peaks of the controversy in this episode, and hope to make room for a practical discussion in the weeks to come.

Despite the past successes of Bioware, or the songs of devotion sung by their many fans, a shamefully high percentage of players will never experience the world of Dragon Age.  It’s a magnificent game filled with magnificent flaws, and it’s unapproachable and impenetrable in any number of fantastic ways.  It has complicated sensibilities, and its roots are clearly showing, which is why it won’t be quite the thing for everyone.  For my money, however, I couldn’t be having a better time right now, and I couldn’t be happier that the experience seems to transcend the platform of choice.  A refreshing change from the divisiveness and bitter hard feelings of the recent past.

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