The Chesty Jilnhalll Episode

It’s totally not Scott’s fault that we screwed up the title of this episode.

We’ve decided to share in the New Year’s celebration by releasing our jealous grip on this, our last episode of 2009.  It’s older than most – we were hoping to cover the holiday gap with prepared content – so we trust you can find satisfaction in our take on events that are weeks old by now.

Scott, for one, wanted to record a final show on the eve of the new year, but I plan to be drunk and immobile, and don’t intend to move from my comfortable spot in front of my computer, unless it’s to move to the comfortable spot in front of my television.  I can imagine any number of you doing the same.

We hope, as always, that you’ll enjoy the show, and that you’ll continue to enjoy it as we move into our fourth year.  We are proud of and humbled by our listeners, and wish we were equal to the task of thanking you for your time and attention.  Instead, we will simply clear our throats, shrug off what we see as a very unmanly display of emotion, and move on to the next in a long line of raving, hours-long fits of childishness.

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