The Fabulous Episode

We’re too sexy for our studio at the following link.

We’ve admitted our helplessness in the face of problems that have dogged the show since its beginnings.  The show has abandoned its old digs for a studio space that’s theoretically friendlier to the sorts of people we’ve revealed ourselves to be.  You will notice the change, so we beg pardon for any jarring differences, and beg your indulgence as we ask for feedback on the guerilla-podcasting.

We’re all present tonight in the executive meeting space of our local theater, with the exception of having traded one Air Force guy for another.  We’ve been a long time without anyone to talk to, and without much to play, so a lot of what you’ll hear amounts to warming-up our process for the new year.  And that statement, of course, amounts to an excuse for a momentary fascination with gay bars and drag-queen Bayonettas.


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