The Galaxy Class Episode

Enjoy the carpeted walls and space-jammies at the following link.

After the rage-hangover, I can remember being especially angry about two things this episode.  The first is what I perceive to be the unfounded distrust of Bioshock 2 – a subject we expect will snap into focus in the next couple of weeks.  The second, and the one I very nearly regret, is the state of play in Star Trek Online.  At the time of this recording I’d logged only one session in-game, and drew a number of conclusions from that quick flash of license abuse.

Since then I’ve decided to patch up, reroll and apply a fair mind to the game in the hope that I can separate the technical failures from the conceptual ones, and see what the fuss from either side is about.  Whichever way it falls, the fuss you’ll hear in this episode is woefully out of date.

This, our third week ex-studio, was recorded in yet another experimental location.  There’s really no telling what sorts of artifacts you’ll be asked to tolerate this week, but your feedback, as always, will be compiled with all other relevant dataz and shall eventually deliver us unto the perfect recording environment.

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