The Fish It Is Episode

We are not having the lifespan talk at the following link.

It may not have been quite what we were expecting, but there’s no sense in pretending Mass Effect 2 is less than phenomenal.  We cocked an eyebrow at some of the changes, sure, but it’s hard not to fall in love.  As you’re no doubt aware, we like to bake and broil whichever game owns our attention in any given week, despite how much we may love it in private, so please excuse any hair-pulling and rough-teasing displays of affection.

We’ve been revising runtimes steadily upwards over the years, to the point where discomfort sets in at or near the 4-hour mark now, instead of the previous 3.  We can’t figure how this happens in weeks with a single strong release, other than to accept that we’re some seriously talky assholes with an inflated opinion of our own…opinions, I guess.  Hope you don’t mind.

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