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In Dreams Begin…Possibilities

There are many reasons we enjoy doing In-Game Chat. We’ve said before that what you hear on the show is exactly what we talk about on a day to day basis with each other. It used to be whenever we’d meet up for whatever occasion, but now with texts and IM’s, this happens every single day. So, it’s just a louder way for us to talk and more people to hear what we have to say, as well as have more input from those who can hear us and want to join the conversation.

So that’s one of the reasons we enjoy it. Another reason, surprisingly, has been the opportunity to talk to people working in the gaming industry. Those who’ve been listening for awhile know of the past guests we’ve had on the show. Some people who’ve had NOTHING to go with gaming, but we spoke with just because we were given the chance.

I wrote last week of some of the gaming companies I hold in high regard (which is just a nice way of saying I’m a total fanboy over), and over the years, one by one, the avenue of IGC has afforded me the opportunity to take that obsession to the next level and either speak with people from those companies or meet with them and visit their studios.

Well, this Saturday I can add another milestone to that list. Our guest this weekend on In-Game Chat is none other than Atrus himself, Rand Miller, Co-founder and CEO of Cyan Worlds as well as the designer and director of the original Myst (along with his brother, Robyn) and Riven, the sequel to Myst, Uru, and Myst V: End Of Ages.

I’ve been a fan of Rand’s work on the Myst series (and the series itself), along with his brother’s work on the soundtracks, plus the three books he helped author that expanded the lore of Myst. The Myst series has been the most dear to me among anything else I’ve been a fan of throughout the years.

Getting this opportunity to speak with my personal heroes of the industry is a massive dream come true and one I never really ever considered even in the early years of doing In-Game Chat. Hell, even when some of those did come true for me, I still never imagined I’d be given the chance to speak with someone who shaped my love of gaming into what it is today.

So, when you listen to this weekend’s show and hear the interview, you should know I’m doing my best to remain calm, but the excitement of such a thing will likely spill over into the interview and you’ll hear just how it sounds when a long time dream becomes a reality.

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