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On The Next Episode Of In-Game Chat…


Like you don’t know what we’ll be talking about on tomorrow’s episode.

ArJay will be there as will James and myself. Currently, I have my PS4 and James has one. ArJay is holding tight until there is more on the system he wants to play. James, while having one, is still not sure he wants it. And I’ll be opening up mine just as soon as I finish writing this.

Should it all go as planned and I don’t end up with a dud out of the box, we plan on bringing it into the studio tomorrow and hooking it up there while we broadcast. There won’t be much detail for you to see (and we might try to fix that), but there will be plenty for us to say while we play around with the system.

This IS the discussion for tomorrow night. There’s no two ways about it. Also, I can’t go a show without mentioning Uncharted (and now probably Cyan’s Obduction too), so there’s that.

And you should probably have a good idea of how this post will look next week.

Remember, all the links you need to listen or watch the show live can be found just over to the left there. We’ll see you live in the studio tomorrow night!

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