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On The Next Episode Of In-Game Chat…

We’re finally through the double-tap of next generation console releases and it’s actually pretty good to be here. No more speculation or wait-and-see. We have them in our hands to test anything and everything we could ever want to know about the systems.

Tomorrow on the show it’ll be Arjay, Matt, and myself talking about our new systems. Matt’s had a bit of time to put in with his PS4 and we’ll get his take on things. I’ll give an update on the status of my Xbox One and we may even have a segment with James as well (still undetermined, but we’re trying).

Also on the show we’ll be talking with Evan Hahn from Snowed In Studios. They’re currently at work on a game called WindForge. He’ll be on the phone with us live and we’ll take your questions for him in the chat room about what it’s like to make a game with flying whales, airships, and grappling hooks. We’ve no confirmation, but we might also be joined on the show by fellow Colony Of Gamer – Codicier, who is also with Snowed In Studios working on WindForge.

Remember, all the links you need to listen or watch the show live can be found just over to the left there. We’ll see you live in the studio tomorrow night!

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