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Season 7, Episode 38

We’re hearkening back at the following link.

The consoles are damned close now, aren’t they?  We’re near the end of a six-month campaign of speculation, spec comparisons, theorycrafting, and shit-slinging, and we’re about to enter a six-year period sure to be filled with more of the same.  It’s nice to take a quiet moment, then, and enjoy oneself by tearing through a flimsy package and liberating a fresh new toy.  For a few minutes, the PS4 was less important than its controller, and the console war less interesting than the satisfying click of a button.

In an effort to get even further away from a cynical present, we connect with a wonderful memory and speak with one of the men who helped deliver it.  Twenty years after the release of Myst, Rand Miller of Cyan, inc joins us to discuss the development of exploration and puzzle-solving game Obduction, and the history of the games that shaped a genre.

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