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On The Next Episode Of In-Game Chat…

The next time we post one of these we’ll be one console deep into the next gen, but for now, we’ll just have to settle for continuing our talk about it. Tomorrow night on the show it’ll be ArJay, James, Jeremy, and myself sitting down yet again and discussing what’s to come in the next two weeks. Obviously the PS4 is top of mind at the moment since it’s first out of the gate, but there’s still room for chat about the Xbox One and the ever consistent current generation of PC gaming.

While new information wasn’t available, there’s been more talk on why resolution matters – or at least questions as to why some of the gaming press doesn’t seem to want it to matter. Call Of Duty was released and didn’t sell as well as last years CoD title. Also didn’t score as well either for some outlets. It still has two more SKU’s to release, however, and could likely be the reason for the low sales figures – but those SKU’s aren’t likely to change the review scores.

To be perfectly honest, we have no idea what will be our opening topic for tomorrow’s show (or topics beyond that either). With one week to go before the release of the PS4, we feel like we’ve covered our ground on the next gen discussion until reality hits us next Friday…and then again the Friday after. Whatever the case, we have the four of us in the studio ready to rattle off words and string together thoughts and a chat room full of you to correct us, direct us, and keep it all interesting.

Remember, all the links you need to listen or watch the show live can be found just over to the left there. We’ll see you live in the studio tomorrow night!

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