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Season 7, Episode 43

We’re all out of cringe at the following link.

Two years ago we did a live stream commentary of the VGA’s. One hour in and Arjay had to leave. He told us then it was due to a prior commitment, but he tells us now it was because of the VGA’s. We can’t really blame him for it back then and we really wouldn’t have held it against him or anyone else had they done it during this show. It helped that most of it was on mute the entire time so we really only paid attention when, you know, games were being shown. It became a distraction during the broadcast but you do get to hear (and see) genuine first look reactions to some of the big reveals as they happen.

Outside of all that, we got to speak with Twisted Pixel about their latest game for the Xbox One, LocoCycle. We cover the games genesis and evolution as well as address the review scores and that one specific card it has been dealt in particular with some reviews. Plus, there’s a glimpse to be seen of their next project – one that, only based on two images, seems to be headed in a completely different direction for the studio.

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