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Season 7, Episode 44

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It’s my own personal feelings that begin the episode, mainly dealing with how to “fix” the VGX/VGA’s. It isn’t so much a fix as it is something completely different. Something not said in the show that I will say here is that if you are looking to see the industry you enjoy so much being honored respectfully and in a way you’d probably like the VGA/X to do it – keep an eye on the two award ceremonies I mention in the show. That said, we’re toying with the idea of our own end of the year re-cap, but the way we did it once before. We’ll keep you posted.

Also in this episode you’ll find Part 1 of an interview with Sam Abbott from Compulsion Games. They made Contrast, a game you might have missed had they not gotten the opportunity to take a slot alongside Resogun for PS Plus members who also own a PS4. That isn’t the only reason you should pay attention to them, however. Sam is great to talk to and gives us some honesty and openness about the making of Contrast and how it’s been received so far. He has a lot more to say, so we hope you’ll tune in next week for Part 2 of that interview.

Oh, and Dennis comes back next week too.

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