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On The Next Episode Of In-Game Chat…

We’ve got a lot on the list to talk about tomorrow night, but we’re not yet sure what will make the cut. There’s the little info we’ve gotten out of the Steam Dev Days along with more nominations, this time from DICE, and whatever games we have been dipping our toes in for the time being. And by “we”, I mean “ArJay, James, and myself”, because that’s who’ll be in the studio tomorrow night.

Regardless of the news, I’d like to talk about a feature of our show that makes us somewhat unique among most other shows. It’s our phone number. 334-272-9228 You can call that number during our live shows to talk to us and offer your opinion or ask us questions. It’s come a long way since we were on the air a few years back and we’d love to hear from you. Comments in the chat room are great and we love those but we can sometimes miss those or hit another topic of conversation before we see what you’ve written. The quickest and best way to give us your opinion or share a point is to call that number.

It’s something we’d like to make a regular thing, but we’ll need your help and effort to do that. So the next time you have a comment to add to the conversation or a question to ask any of us or the audience listening, why not call us?

We’ll see you (and hopefully hear from you) LIVE tomorrow night!

Remember, all the links you need to listen or watch the show live can be found just over to the left there.

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