Season 8, Episode 52

We’re as surprised as you are at the following link.

I’m not exactly sure how it happened. For the most part, it was never supposed to given a few circumstances, but we managed to do 52 shows in a year. Somehow, every single Saturday, we pulled off a live show. While I can’t put a finger on all the reasons as to how we did this, I know one of them, and that reason is you. I’ve said it before but really, if you all keep listening, we’ll keep doing this.

It is somewhat of a year end show and we cover some of our highlights and lowlights of the past 12 months in relation to gaming. It isn’t a top ten list or game of the year awards or something like that, just our own personal favorites and disappointments.

This coming Saturday marks our 348th episode and a brand new season of In-Game Chat. We hope you’ll join us. No surprises or special guests planned or anything like that, but we really love seeing all of you in the chatroom while we do a show. And, besides, if you miss it, we’ll apparently give you 51 more chances in the year.

I said it last week and it is always worth repeating every week: Thanks for listening.

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