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If We Could Have A Moment Of Your Time….

This…well, this is a big day for us. We’ve finally launched our Patreon!

What does this mean? Well, it means we’re finally opening up a way for you to support us financially. And that’s a very big deal for us. That being said, it’s very important that you read these next two paragraphs about this whole new world we’re stepping into.

For those of you who might be unfamiliar with the concept of what Patreon is, you should watch this quick video.
You should also watch the video at our Patreon page as well as read all the info. It’s a lot to read, I know, but we aim to be as upfront and honest about everything – from the things we’ll do with your money to why we even decided to ask for your money. And make no mistake, this is YOUR money and we want you to do with it how ever you see fit. We aren’t begging, we hope we aren’t being pushy and we sure as shit don’t want you to feel obligated. All of this is explained on our Patreon page and in our video, but to be very clear, IGC isn’t going anywhere if you don’t contribute to the Patreon. As well, you won’t miss out on content if you don’t contribute. We will NEVER hide any of our content behind any kind of pay wall. Ever.

Here’s the next part that is very important. If you have any questions about this or doubts about this, we want to hear from you. We want to know if you have concerns or problems with this. On the other side of that, we want to know if you like this and if you’ll support it. We want to know if there’s something YOU want to see from us that we don’t have listed there on the page. We can’t read your minds so we need to hear from you. Feedback from you, our listeners and supporters, is so extremely crucial to us – both in this funding campaign along with the show itself and our other projects. So please, let us know what you think. It’s really important to us.

On behalf of James, Matt, Dennis, ArJay, Nate, and myself…Thank you. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Thank you for donating if you did, thank you for considering it if you didn’t, and thank you for continuing to listen to the show.

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