Season 9, Episode 48

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Over the holiday weekend here in the US, I was buying movies left and right on sale. But only if it was easily identifiable that the movie also came with a digital copy. My digital library of films has grown considerably over the year since I started doing this and now, I don’t even think twice if I see that I’m only buying the physical copy. I want both, and it annoys the hell out of me when both are available but the physical doesn’t come with the digital.

Which also made me think about the gaming side of things. How come this isn’t a thing? Why don’t I get a copy of the game digitally when I buy a physical copy of the game? We didn’t spend nearly enough time on the topic, but it’s one I still scratch my head over. Especially now since, also during the holiday weekend, I upgraded my PS4’s hard drive. I should mention that this move was based mostly on laziness which I explain in the show, but that, combined with the movie thinking, is what got me on the topic over the weekend. Something else that bugged me is why everything physical got a huge discount this weekend, but the digital counterparts stayed rock steady at the highest price possible?

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a few clouds outside that need yelling at.

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