Season 10, Episode 03

We’re dealing with a crap week at the following link.

I have slumps sometimes where gaming is concerned. And while this isn’t near to one of my biggest, it is somewhat of a slump. I’m done with Just Cause 3, and Assassin’s Creed Syndicate may have a bit better quality in the story it’s telling or the characters I am playing, it just can’t compare with the sploding and the tethering and the jumping and the flying and the sploding of Just Cause 3. Doesn’t mean I won’t get around to playing it, but it’s taking some time for me to adjust, I suppose.

This isn’t a slump to last very long. Next week is Tomb Raider and The Witness. And PAX South, so it’s nothing major but a possible calm before the eventual storm once again. This one that should take me into Firewatch and Unravel and leading into Uncharted 4. There’s likely plenty of other games I missed in that list that I’m going to put time into but off the top of my head, that isn’t bad for the next few weeks and months.

As for the crap week. Well, that had nothing to do with gaming. It’s just really very sad when people you really like and admired aren’t around anymore.

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