Season 10, Episode 22

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With E3 just a few weeks away we’re already on the speculation train as to what Microsoft and Sony will have to say at their presentations. It’s all but confirmed that both companies will talk about new hardware, but without naming a new console. It’s kinda the first time this has ever happened. Upgrades to current systems without calling it a new generation. This isn’t going to be the PS5 or the Xbox Two (I have no idea how they’ll get around that branding, honestly). It’s going to be the PS4 and Xbox One, but….more powerful. Sony is doing it for the VR and Microsoft may be as well, but it’s more likely that MS is just tired of playing catch up to Sony this generation. And I mean that in all aspects. They’ve been running second place in EVERYTHING. The new Xbox coming out after the new PS4, may put MS in a better position to actually catch up and take lead. Maybe.

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