Season 10, Episode 24

We’re talking about E3 at the following link.

It’s one of our most irrelevant shows. The show before E3. I mean, it’s quite relevant at the time we record it, but by the time you hear it (if you don’t tune into the live show), it’s all old and outdated news and discussion. A lot of what you hear in this episode every year is just us and our thoughts on what’s to come at E3 this week. By Tuesday, when this show goes up for download and whatever, it’s already said and done.

Outside of that, we do talk a bit more about Dangerous Golf and I give my thoughts on Mirror’s Edge Catalyst. So for that, at least, we hope you’ll tune in. Then again, half the fun is seeing how right or wrong we were in our hopes and expectations. Here’s a spoiler for next week: we’re already disappointed in EA’s showing.

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