Season 11, Episode 1

We’re 49 episodes away from our 500th at the following link.

Speaking of large numbers – I recently maxed out one of my characters in Destiny to the highest you can go, which is 400. Destiny has been around for 3 years and in all my attempts (and I did make them), I’d never gotten any of them to the level cap at the time. I’ve always been just short of that random drop that would push me over the edge. Well, that finally changed this weekend and now the bug of Destiny addiction has bitten once more.

I mentioned doing the hard mode version of their latest raid on Friday night. I did it again on Saturday and again on Sunday. Something that was once out of my reach has now started to become second nature in learning the mechanics of the process. It’s gotten me addicted again and given me more to look forward to beyond the once-a-month Iron Banner session.

But I wonder, how long will that last? As mentioned before I went 3 years chasing down that white whale, and now I’m easily within reach. What’ll happen when I finally reach the end of my race? I’m pretty curious about that, honestly. We’ll probably know by the time we settle into the studio again for our next episode.

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