Season 11, Episode 04

We’re pretty sure size matters at the following link.

I’m back from PAX South and being under the weather and everyone else is back from their convention locally as well. I love going to the different PAX’s that I am able to attend, but this one afforded me something no other PAX has been able to do up until now – hands on time with a not-yet released console. And you can take that term literal. Hands on this console in particular was something that had been bugging me since the main reveal last month. Everything about it looked small, and while that’s usually in Nintendo’s favor, something about this seemed to be on the extreme side of the size. Yes, it’s small. Very small. Too small. And, oddly enough, they’ve got it backwards when used as a handheld – it’s too big. When you’ve got a 3DS and you need to focus on something else at a moment’s notice you just close it up and move on. You can’t do that with the Switch. There’s no folding. Maybe there’s a bag you shove it into, but there is no quick sleep. This thing has problems up and down and that’s outside the already limited launch library that we’ve discussed before.

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