Season 11, Episode 07

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It’s that new console feeling in the air. Except…it isn’t. It’s weird. The Nintendo Switch releases this week and it feels a bit odd. We’re used to having these things release usually in November and usually within weeks of other consoles from Microsoft & Sony. The Wii U bucked the competition tradition by releasing a year before the Xbox One and PS4, but still came out in November.

Regardless, it all still feels a little…off. The lineup of games for this thing available at launch doesn’t seem to go beyond Zelda. I imagine people will be picking up a few titles and you usually do when buying a new system, but I just can’t see myself playing ANY of them. It’s a new gadget and the temptation is completely there, but it’s been easy to avoid. Mainly because of the library.

Outside of the month, this feels really familiar with the release of the Wii U. A system with a pretty weak launch library and releasing without any competition to pull you one way or another. That system is actually the more tempting one in my eyes due to all the great games it has available – plus getting the new Zelda as well.

We’re curious where you stand. If you get the system, we’d like to hear from you in the comments. You can also email us or, better yet, call in to the show on this week’s episode.

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