Season 11, Episode 14

There’s a strange but familiar voice at the following link.

Gonna be talking about the Scorpio, again. Actually, it’s more about the direction Microsoft is moving in or the direction Phil Spencer is taking it. We talk about a lot of what he’s doing to turn the tide for Microsoft and it’s all good news for consumers. Mostly.

Refunds on digital content is great. We loved it on Steam and we welcome it in our console space as well. Complete backwards compatability down the line (One, S, Scorpio), that’s also great as well as the desire to have the new system (and systems down the line) portmap to the previous systems. Just as an aside, that’s a really small thing, I know, but as someone who tries to keep his cables managed and neat, not having to go through all that again with a new console is a small victory overall but a big one for me.

Still, we have to fall back on what we said last week and what we say any time a new console gets released – where are the games? Switch buyer over here aside, you’ve got to have something to play on the brand new shiny play thing that’s only job is to play things. I get that it’ll make my pre-existing Xbox library look better, but that library isn’t very big as it is (minus whatever is backwards compatible from the 360 days). It’s a very small stack that only seems to increase to an average one or two games per year. Seriously, 2016 saw me pick up Gears and Forza. Anything else was either exclusive to PS4/PC or multi platform where the options were better on another system.

Of course, E3 is on the horizon. I’m sure there is more to be known about the new console, but it’ll be the games I’ll be interested in. They need the exclusives and it’s pretty much a given with Scorpio they’ll have the better machine in the market until Sony does something and that can win over in the multi platform battle for a little while. I wonder if this is the kind of leap frog we’re going to see in the coming years between Sony & Microsoft. Instead of winning wars and generations – they’ll just be winning a year here and there until the competition takes over for a year or so and then back and forth. I also wonder if the marketplace can sustain such a thing. I’m kind of excited to find out.

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