Season 11, Episode 16

We’ve got Irishmen and Canadians at the following link.

I should probably prepare you for the coming weeks. Listen, we all know my love for everything Burnout. So when there’s a game trying to do at least a little of what that series did, I’m going to be promoting it. The game isn’t out yet, but when it releases, I’m going to be pushing hard for you to pick it up if possible. Its success means the development team can make more of it, be it a bigger version or add in new elements and stuff like that. Then again, there’s also the chance of it being downright garbage, but I really don’t see that happening from this team. Anyway, that’s just a warning.

Meanwhile, I finally played a game on my Nintendo Switch! You’d think it would be Zelda after having the console for almost 2 months now, but NOPE – it’s Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. And I am completely addicted. I think in my lifetime I’ve bought 2 other Mario Karts. The very first one and Double Dash on the GameCube. So I was due for getting another one in the series and I’m pretty sure I’ve picked the best. Also, that whole portable thing with the Switch? That thing is awesome. I brought it with me to this episode and played more of the game while waiting for the guys to arrive. That usual addiction you get with Mario Kart has finally set in as I try to score gold in ALL the cups available. This is also my first Mario Kart with online play. Double Dash never had it, so I’m curious to see how that addiction holds over when I try out multiplayer, if I could ever pull myself away from constantly trying to do better in the single player.

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