Season 11, Episode 28

We can never be satisfied at the following link.

Destiny 2 is on our minds this episode and it isn’t all good. But what does it even matter when regardless of the issues I and others may have we know damn well where we’ll be when this thing goes live.

Destiny has always had this grip over us. We can find plenty of things we hate about it but in the end we keep coming back to it and we’ll be doing the same with Destiny 2. The new weapon thing will take some getting used to along with the other changes, but we’ll be there. Some of us in more than one place come October or so. I don’t know what will happen when I have this game on PS4 and PC. I don’t picture myself keeping up with both platforms but stranger things have happened when it comes to my time and gaming.

Speaking of, if anything I can find positive with this recent beta of Destiny 2, it’s that I’m way more excited to play the beta on PC.

Although with my luck it’ll drop the same time I’m out of town for PAX West.

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