Season 12, Episode 20

We’re on long distance at the following link.

You miss two weeks and like three games get announced. Then again, it’s a week before E3 so when three games get announced you’re still pretty clueless about a lot of them until AFTER the whole E3 thing happens.

Detroit was released last week and we didn’t really have much to say about it. When only one of us has played it, it can be difficult to talk about given a game with so many choices can easily lead to spoilers without ever getting into the meat of the title. So we didn’t say much.

There’s thoughts we have on the new Battlefield, though to listen to the show you’d only think we really cared about how the hell it’s titled. Is it FIVE or is it V? Then there’s the quick thing about a new Assassin’s Creed and it’s just as quickly discussed on the show. Plus, Fallout. We give it a bit more time, but with any of these things the only thing we really know is that we’ll know more about them all after E3. EA’s big event will kick off just before the show next weekend, so we’ll have some idea and plenty to talk about. Then, the week following that, we’ll know a WHOLE lot more about everything else.

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