Season 13, Episode 27

I can remember there being times when I was in a slump with gaming. It wasn’t that I didn’t have time to play or anything to play at all, but just a slump of not wanting to play. And that time may return, I don’t know, but it’s nowhere near happening at the moment. Granted, however, I am seemingly stuck in a time loop with Destiny 2, or maybe it’s a loot loop.

Actually, it’s a goal loop. The loot right now is meaningless for me. With the exception of a few items, I’m at the top of my game insofar as the gear is concerned. That’s part of what you play Destiny 2 for is the gear – the weapons and armor. But, Destiny, like most games, have achievements in the form of triumphs. These are little specific goals that don’t always involve loot. Those goals are now the reason I play. And I’m nearly done with them for my own satisfaction. Finishing all of them? Not by a long shot, but finishing the ones I want to, yeah…I’m nearly there.

The problem (of the best part) is that they’ll keep adding more. Some I’ll want to do and some I’ll not care at all to do, but that’s fine. What’s there is enough to keep me playing. Keeps the drive alive, and I’m perfectly fine with that. I know some people have a problem with me ONLY ever coming on the show to say I’ve been playing Destiny, but it’s currently the game I have the desire to play.

And that, for me, is better than not playing anything at all.

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