Season 13, Episode 31

No show next week. Well, there is, but it’s a replay if you happen to catch it live. I’ll be at PAX next week and if any of you reading this will be attending as well, by all means let me know! Would love to meet up and say hello!

Gamescom has come and gone and we were surprised to see Sony opening up a little bit when it comes to sharing. PUBG is getting cross play in a few weeks and Sony put a title on the PC. They also spoke a bit about how they’re going to be doing more of that in the future. Or at least be more open to doing it. Whatever…it’s small steps in the right direction.

I’ve spoken about this before, but every console generation has its battles. Moving into the world of HD was the battlefield with the 360 and PS3, both could do it and that was a selling point to open up with at the time (pricing as well with that og PS3 going for $600-$800). Seems like the Xbox One and PS4 had a multitude of battlefields including the price tag along with how we’d be getting and sharing our games.

There’s other aspects to all of these releases and pro/con type of things to go with them. Whatever is coming next will have its share as well, but I’m betting the openness of the platform will be a new one. Both within the system structure and outside of it. Backwards compatibility, and cross-play/buy. We’ve been down the road on the former and we’re seemingly cutting the path for paving on the latter. It’s likely a topic of contention that should hang around during the next round of consoles from both companies.

Side note: I’m not forgetting Nintendo, but they don’t play in the world of MS/Sony. They’ve long since abandoned that route and went their own way and are doing just fine.

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