Season 14, Episode 06

Video gaming confession: When a game lets you pick sides of good or evil (Mass Effect, Infamous, etc.), I have ALWAYS taken the good path first.

There is always the intention of going evil on a second play through, but there is rarely ever a second play through. I may dip my toe in the evil waters for a bit to start with a second time, but it almost never ends up that I play the whole campaign again.

And honestly, I feel like I’ve missed out. I’ve talked about this before but the evil side of things is usually the more fun play through. In Infamous, I’m too concerned about collateral damage when playing as a good guy, yet when going the evil route – nothing matters. And honestly, that’s more fun for me. Or maybe it’s more fun because I just spent days and hours being so cautious as to what I was doing that finally having that off my shoulders just makes it more fun.

An example for Mass Effect would just be that you put an ungodly amount of time into that game that going back to it isn’t all that fun of an idea. Maybe years down the line you may take another look, but the investment is so great it isn’t the most exciting idea to be starting over.

Someone once said, and I guess they were right: Evil will always triumph. Because good is dumb.

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