Season 14, Episode 12

Pardon the dust and a bit of the rust, as well. Our site is back to…normal? I mean, it looks different, but it works again and is also feeding shows back to iTunes now. And speaking of that, we’re back on iTunes in case you noticed we were missing. And that was because of the site being down and the feed being broken. Anyway, that’s all to say that everything works now.

Let’s talk again about E3, or the lack of it this year. I mention this in the episode but we’ve got a rare incident here where there is no E3. Sure, E3 has undergone changes before – some very strange ones at one point in time – but there’s never NOT been an E3. There’s plenty to talk about of the validity or the need of an E3. Plenty of debate on it one way or the other, but this year there isn’t one. And this gives publishers, especially the more small of the pack to figure out a different way to showcase their games.

I don’t think there will ever NOT be an E3 so far as it just going away, but this is a fantastic year to experiment and see what you can do, as a publisher or developer, to show off your product without the confines of E3. No floor space to rent, no crunch for demo levels or presentations because there’s now no time table for you. There’s a lot of freedom here and a lot of opportunity to get a lot more attention instead of a 30 second snippet in a crowded montage of games shown off by a bigger company. Sure, you want that as well, but see what you can do on your own. You don’t have to bet the farm on a good showing at E3 anymore. Give it a shot. Put it out there your own way. Stand apart in what was normally an overload of information to begin with.

Also, let me just say that I don’t want E3 to end. But I do think they’re long overdue for a change, and hopefully, as much as this gives an opportunity for devs and pubs to do their own thing, it also gives E3 a chance to make some of those changes for the years to come.

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