Season 15, Episode 23

Valve can really sneak up on you. Just out of nowhere announce a new device. And more so, a device we’ll see this year. Usually for console reveals or announcements, you’ll get a head’s up that something is coming or something will leak or you’ll get some sort of vague hints that lead to major speculation and even more disappointment.

Not with Valve. Surprise, here’s a handheld PC!! It’s a thing you didn’t expect because it’s something that wasn’t on anyone’s radar. And yeah, the thing looks like a Switch. Okay, it REALLY looks like a Switch, but I don’t think that’s the competition. I don’t think Valve looked at the other consoles out there and picked one to try and compete with. They just noticed something missing and made something to fill it. They’ve done it before in the past and the results…aren’t the greatest. About the only thing that survived from their previous product launches was the controller. And that’s a stretch, I think, to say it survived. And this isn’t to say what they made was garbage, it just didn’t grab on to the public enough to last – or even get updated.

I want the Steam Deck to work. I want it to thrive and succeed and be amazing. And then I want a second version down the line that works even better. And a third. And fourth. And then get some competition with other models. We’ll have to wait until later in the year though to get an idea of how this might play out. But I’m hopeful.

In the meantime, Ubisoft, it’s been 2,888 days since the last Splinter Cell release (non-animated series or guest spot in another game franchise or VR exclusive).

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