Season 15, Episode 37

Great expectations.

Guardians Of The Galaxy was never on my radar. The showing a few months back was long and drawn out and seemed to be combat focused. That’s fine, but what I was seeing wasn’t drawing me in. About ten minutes or less into a 30-45 minute presentation and I was done. Game was written off and I’d never think about it again except for another swing and a miss for Square and their Marvel games.

Then the game is released and the tide of opinion begins to turn and not just on the reviews side of things. Regular players who don’t review games for a living were giving high praise to the title. And yeah, by Avengers comparison the bar wasn’t that high to begin with, but it was better. I watched a few reviews on my iPad during exercising and was genuinely turned around in my expectations of the game, and really happy to hear the combat is sparse. Or more so than that 45 minute first look would have you think. Single player, story driven, no online aspect or microtransactions. These were all boxes I loved seeing ticked.

Then I watched a video comparison on the different console versions between Series X and PS5. Except not on the iPad this time, but on the 65’ OLED.


Decision made. I need to play this game. So yeah, from this summer up until just a few days ago I was already forgetting this game. Now, I’ll scour the ads looking for a good Black Friday deal (we’ll talk about that in the next few weeks, by the way). I’m curious though, what games have done this for you?

Speaking of expectations…Ubisoft, it’s been 2,993 days since the last Splinter Cell release (non-animated series or guest spot in another game franchise or VR exclusive).

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