Season 16, Episode 04

Don’t Believe Their Lies

There’s been a running joke on the show over the years about me not willing to drop $15 on a game on sale cause I think it could be lower or that $15 is too much. Then I’ll turn around and tell you I just dropped $250 on a steelbook or something. Proportionally, the money thing has always been a bit skewed when I talk about it.

But, it’s also a good example of how the value of something can be a point of perspective. But it is REALLY hard for me to see the perspective of the NFT thing going on. I’m still not about to tell you what to do with your money, but I will say the same thing I tell anyone who asks about making a purchase of anything – do your research. I might buy a really great TV, but that’s usually after about 6 months or so of really looking over what I want and then magnifying that even further to find the best of what I want.

I see the perspective from a seller point of view. And I can’t see how anyone that pushes NFTs doesn’t feel at least a little off in what they’re offering the buyer – and for what price.

I don’t really care that Ubisoft or any other company gets in the NFT game, but they think if you don’t buy in, you’re missing out or are completely clueless as to how it works.

They also think if you do buy in, well, they don’t actually care once you do that. Again, not going to tell you how to spend that money, but I will urge you enthusiastically to research every single bit of what you are buying when it comes to NFTs.

And speaking of Ubisoft, of course, it’s been 3,084 days since the last Splinter Cell release (non-animated series or guest spot in another game franchise, remake, or VR exclusive).

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