Season 16, Episode 11

Welcome to PlayStation Plus Plus Premium Elite Ultimate (or Monkey See Monkey Do).

At first I wasn’t sold on this PlayStation Plus restructuring. Reading through it during this episode made me raise an eyebrow on that middle tier. I mean 400 games, I think, is worth the extra $40. HOWEVER, if they really wanted to be bold, they could have just kept the price as is and added it into the regular subscription. I think a timeline exists where Sony actually does that, but not currently where we are now.

Obviously the comparisons to Game Pass are numerous. The differences are well highlighted. You won’t get first party titles to play on day one. We don’t yet know the expanse of the library, but depending on the tier you choose, it can be anywhere from 400 to maybe 600 games. There’s little difference there, by the way, until you start looking at pricing.

To start with, I can’t even find a yearly subscription model for Game Pass Ultimate. Looking around it seems to be $180 a year, though with sales and discounts and stacking 3-Month subs, you can do it cheaper than that. Still, that’s $60 more than what’s on offer from Sony at their highest tier. If you go monthly, it’s $15 for Microsoft and $18 for Sony. Both of these will get you access to A LOT of games and both will allow streaming/downloading on PC. But only one will get you day one titles (Microsoft) and only one gives you access to EA Play (Microsoft). There’s a lot of other little bonuses you get going with Game Pass so the value seems to edge out Sony here.

If you only play on PlayStation, putting in for the mid to upper tier doesn’t seem like too bad a deal. And there’s plenty of room to grow here for Sony with everything else they have their hand in (music, movies, television), so we could see additions to the plan with movie streaming or subscriptions to other networks. But…that’s just speculation. We’ll know more in the months to come and the official rollout is in June.

Meanwhile…Ubisoft, it’s been 3,147 days since the last Splinter Cell game (non-animated series or guest spot in another game franchise, remake, or VR exclusive).

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