Season 17, Episode 09

The games we love and enjoy leave a mark. And sometimes, the people involved in making those games do as well. And when we lose those people, we lose a friend.

Lance Reddick may be known to you by many other characters he’s played in television and film, but for me, he was a character in Destiny. A character who has been with the game as long as I have – from the very beginning. Commander Zavala.

Lance passed away, unexpectedly, on Friday.

What follows is a poem a player wrote many many years ago when one of their Destiny friends passed away.

Praise the sun in memory of those whose light has been extinguished.

Remember the light they brought into this world,

Remember how it made yours brighter.

The battle with the Darkness is not only outside our walls,

But inside ourselves.

In this time of great loss and greater Darkness,

Remember that even the strongest of guardians can fall.

Not a failure, but merely the doom of life that we each carry over us,

At all times, the edge between Light and darkness.

Eyes up, Guardians.

For our friends and fellow warriors,

For those whom the Light was cut short,

For the protectors, for the ones who stood at your side,

For those who were the brightest of all.

Eyes up, Guardians.

In memory of Lance. Always our Commander.

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