Season 17, Episode 12

Just as a heads up, there will be no new episode next weekend. We’ll be back in two weeks.

I’m really having a hard time coming up with something to talk about here in regards to the show. We went in so many different directions that it’s a little troublesome to focus on just one thing.

To sort of cover them all a little bit would be to say that we talked about retro gaming, but also retro storage as well. And we venture into the past during a time when we would spend thirty bucks or so…on a screensaver. We talk about RE4, emulation, and the Steam Deck. In fact, we talk about handhelds a lot given we got new ones from ASUS on the way as well as, possibly, from Sony too.

Speaking of Sony, we dive back into the whole Microsoft/Sony/Activision weird love/hate triangle going on there. Mostly thankful that we’ll be done talking about this after this month. Well, maybe not done, but at least it’ll be decided and none of the back and forth will matter after that.

We DID NOT talk about a new Splinter Cell game. Mostly because, well, Ubisoft…it has been 3,506 days since a new Splinter Cell game (non-animated series or guest spot in another game franchise, remake, BBC radio drama, or VR exclusive) was released.

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