E3 Episodes

Season 17, Episode 20

I’ll just tell you upfront here that we didn’t get to nearly all the topics we wanted to on the show. We barely got through the Microsoft presentation. Much less ANY of the others or even Starfield. But that’s on me cause I ramble. A lot.

To just sort of cover the whole thing in general, I thought it all was a pretty good showing. There is A LOT to look forward to not only in the coming months but also next year as well (should all those dates hold – they won’t).

Starfield is incredibly ambitious and just struck me in the head with the whole deep dive that was done and I was left wanting so much more. Not that the game needs more, but I really want to see more of it. My concern that I tried to mention on the show was the comparisons to No Man’s Sky.

I can’t really make that comparison since I haven’t played Starfield, but I also really haven’t put in the time and effort with No Man’s Sky either. I’d like to have some opinions though. I’d like to know from No Man’s Sky fans and players who DID put in that effort, what do you think of Starfield? As they were describing everything and showing it off, it seemed to come with this feeling of “look how big and massive our game is and all this stuff you can do with spaceships and outposts and planets – it’s amazing!”, but it’s been done before, right? Like, the NMS and Starfield comparison is legit, isn’t it? Not that two games doing something similar can’t exist, of course, but it seems like the comparison is muted, maybe. I’m not sure. I would just like a take on Starfield from NMS players. What did you think? Did it make you want to start all over again? Did it not matter at all and you just want more space exploration? What did you think?

In fact, what did all of you think of this year’s presentations and the games shown off? What about the games missing? Let us know.

Speaking of missing games, I was all set for SOMETHING related to Sam Fisher and the Splinter Cell games, but there was nothing. I was really surprised Ubisoft didn’t mention this at all. It has been 3,576 days since a new Splinter Cell game (non-animated series or guest spot in another game franchise, remake, BBC radio drama, or VR exclusive) was released.

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