EAR Episode 79: “I Taste Something I Don’t Like”

Evidently it’s not out of the question that a senior producer of one of Sony’s most creative titles would disregard the wildfires of southern California to spread the gospel of The Eye of Judgment on the air. Well, we doubt there was any actual disregarding, but however difficult the circumstances, we really appreciate Felice Standifer’s appearance in this episode and can’t wait to have some real playtime with this charming new addiction interface.

We’d also like to point out that there was far more news of interest this week than anticipated, so we were all sad examples of concentration and self-control. Of course this could be due in large part to the cake we were forced to stare at throughout the broadcast. Listen and decide for yourself. And stay tuned for the brandy and cigars after-show where we sandbag our wobbly opinions on the subject of unified console architecture. And coconut.

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