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EAR Episode 80: “Get Off My Lawn!”

In any given week there’s a good chance that Sony will be hoisted by their own petard, or will, at the very least, be subject to lengthy discussion of their shortcomings. We feel for them now and wish them the best, but we’ll be damned if we pass up a chance to take a swing or two ourselves. We’ve got a radio show to run here.

As if on cue, Brian Shiau and Jesse Divnich stop by to tell us how we can put our (virtual) money where our mouths are by participating at The simExchange. If you think your armchair analysis of the games industry is up to par with the professionals, this is your chance to make that clear. It’s free to play, and may prove to be an invaluable tool for aggregating the instincts of the enthusiast community.

We also stand amazed at the endless stream of content being added to SSB Brawl, cower in fear of the November release lists, and find out it’s possible to be on completely different sides of the piracy issue without having a meltdown. It’s an episode full of startling discoveries that must be heard to be believed!

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