EAR Episode 99: “Off-Road Velociraptor Safari”

Welcome to episode 99 of Evil Avatar Radio. As of late, you probably wonder what the show sounds like when we have no interviews during the program. Well, here you go. In this episode we covered the news of a new Sonic game coming our way, the new Bad Company game and the way it deals with weapons and micro transactions, Guitar Hero for the DS, and much more.

Not only that, we got phone calls! Both of which I hang up on. First up is Dr. Finger where we begin to talk about GTA4, but end up talking about comic conventions and the weekly release of games, then Mike Ohara calls in as well to express his love for all things Command & Conquer.

While fishbang couldn’t join us for the regular show, he does pop up after the show where we talk about our weekend in Atlanta to see Jonathan Coulton, new COD4 maps, our favorite games that had excellent stories told, and we finally get to talk to nabokovfan87 and try to figure out his intense passion for the PS3.

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hey all,

well, we never completely got to finish the why i chose ps3 chat by any means, but im glad we touched it. i had no intention of talking about ps3 (surprisingly enough) when i was thinking all week about the show.

there are things like no in-game xmb, the nat issue, lack of switching settings when you need to (playing music, a video, in a game, etc.), and an all around integration of online and single player gaming.

one thing that i really wanted to get into was the community vs. community of xbl and psn. what i mean here is that you all are connected quite closely to your xbl friends, while i don’t have that. i am connected closely to my psn friends and people over on who have the console as well. what i mean is that if you didn’t have xbl its not like you will never play online or anything like that, but you will find people to play online, you will be listening to ps3 podcasts and what not and this whole new world will open up.

i think the only way to approach a console vs. console debate is to step back and ask people what their experience is and talk about why is it that they had the experience and was it something that the console gave to the gamer, the community, or even the games themselves.

in terms of the games we talked about, i don’t mean to say that all i have played is motorstorm from now until then, but that for some reason i still haven’t beaten that game. i enjoyed uncharted as a shooter, it worked surprisingly well for a console game, but when i am told by others that it has a mechanic that you are forced to use (“cover”), and yet i spent the entire game not using it. i would go up to a rock, and look past it. sure i was using cover, but i didn’t have to snap to it. the reason i did this was because when you snapped to cover and looked out to shoot, drake was getting hit because his entire upper body is exposed instead of just his hand, head, and shoulder.

from that i must end with my cod4 review. featuring over 40 minutes of gaming with nabo and how a game pissed me off. the main reason that i cant say i enjoy the game is because the game itself felt like it didn’t work. there are times when things don’t logically make sense (see clip 2), and other times when it was a great game that did something new and original (the airship and first part of Chernobyl mission). i guess i can end by saying that i didnt hate the airship mission, i hated that helicopter one. i was just getting the two mixed.

thanks as always for doing the show, and i enjoy it every week, and thank you for taking the time to talk with me.


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